Blending: An Easier Way To Incorporate More Fruits And Veggies Into Your Diet

Blending is a great way to get your daily dose of recommended fruits and vegetables:

If you’re like me and always looking for ways to improve your overall health, blending your fruits and veggies is a good way to get your daily recommended dose. When you blend your fruits and vegetables, you are using the entire fruit and vegetable, skin and all. Most of the vitamins and nutrients can be found in the skin.

Blending is also less messy than juicing, but be careful of which blends you make. Adding ingredients like yogurt and nuts can increase the smoothie’s caloric value.

Get creative with your blends. I hardly use water in my smoothies. I usually use apple juice, carrot juice or almond milk, depending on the taste I’m looking for.

My own smoothie recipe:

  • 1 small to medium beet
  • 1 cup of baby spinach
  • 2 large carrots
  • Fresh ginger for a little zing (thumb size)
  • Nuts of your choice (optional)
  • Yogurt of your choice (optional)
  • Granola (optional)
  • Apple juice (I don’t measure. I usually just add to cover whatever is in my nutribullet)

Add all the above ingredients to your blender, nutribullet, ninja bullet, whatever type of blending device you are using to make your smoothie, leaving a bit of space on top. Blend all the ingredients together until smooth or until you get the consistency you desire.

Experiment, come up with your own blends and feel free to share your recipes in the comments. Let me know if you try my recipe and how you like it.  Feel free to share.  And always remember, everything in moderation, even moderation.

Margarette Darbouze


  1. I tried something similar to this in the 10 day green smoothie cleanse. Blending fruits n veggies are super fast n quick way 2 get the daily doses but I subtitute beets n with banana n strawberry.

  2. My intake of fruits and vegetables has been less than stellar and I certainly want to change that as I know they are an important part of a healthy diet. Blending sounds like a great way for me to get them into my daily diet and I liked that you shared your own smoothie recipe. What are some of the fruits you recommend when it comes to blending and are carrots a good thing to add as well?

    • Apples and carrots are easier to start until you get a taste for it.  Adding carrots to the mix can sweeten the blend and make it easier to drink if you’re new to blending.

  3. I often make myself a cultured milk + green tea powder as a  drink .i find it very helpful with bowel movement and health being as well (Healthy Skin),I also tried similar blend on carrot and apple and green tea powder and cultured milk .It was a great snack for me as well.Cheers

  4. Hi, Margarette! I also believe that blending may be the best way to get our daily dose of recommended fruits and vegetables. But I also like to eat whole fruit without cutting, juicing or blending anything.

    If we want to be healthy and also happy, we need to think about eating enough fruits and vegetables. I love them, but I know some people who don’t like vegetables. I think that this kind of smoothie is the best way to get them to enjoy them.

    I need to try your recipe. Is this your favorite one? What kind of blender do you have?

    • So far it is, but I’m always experimenting.  I’ve made blends without paying attention and they turned out wonderful.  Writing them down is the best way in case you come up with a great taste you wanna repeat.  

      I have a ninja bullet.  I love eating fruits as well, especially mangoes. 

  5. Margarette,

    I love smoothies and I will be trying your recipe!  I prefer to mix the fruits and veggies more without the added fat of the yogurt and nuts – these I like to use as snacks because they are small and light.  I have one I use with beets 1 medium size for greens you can use either kale or spinach, and then add 6 to 8 strawberries depending on the size top with a little granola ( I like mine with crushed small crushed ice like a snow cone small ) this way no yogurt.  Please pass on recipes as you find them always up for a new mix.



    • Will do Susan I am always experimenting with different tastes.  For me, adding yogurt and nuts makes it a meal and not just a smoothie.

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